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The sale and distribution is done in Egypt and spread to outside markets like (Libya Sudan –  Yemen  – UAE  – Jordan  – Turkey Syria – Iraq and  Malaysia )

As well as, the company is targeting to open new markets in many other new countries .

Our company has a trust in its growth and development because of excellent experiences in  research, development, innovation and good  manufacturing experiences.

The company owners have excellent relationships in many   countries which is one of the keys of success

Customized logistic support

At Empex, logistics goes much further than simply transporting our products. Because we want to preserve the quality of our product, we choose the optimum logistical solutions, tailored to our customer’s wishes. Depending on the situation or the customer. We can arrange land, water and air transportation.
we work with professional international freight forwarding companies who will ensure that you products arrive at their destination safely, as agreed and with correct documentation. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your freight forwarding and
customs requirements. We would
be delighted to put our logistical expertise at your service

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