What do you like best about the fall? Is it that you get to take that peacoat off the hanger to prepare for cooler weather ahead? Or maybe it’s because the fall brings on the beginning of a whole slew of fun holidays with great family time. We agree it includes those wonderful things, but one more absolutely comes to mind:


Great fall flavors.


While we know it’s still technically summer, we’re finding the flavors of fall slowly start to reemerge after being in hibernation for the better part of the year. Not only do we adore the tastes of autumn because they bring about a sense of good times and great cheer, but we can’t get enough of the yummy goodies that go along with this great time of year. Nature’s Flavors’ all-time favorites? Maple. Apple spice. Cranberry. And pumpkin spice—definitely pumpkin spice.  



We know this one really goes without saying, but it’s the flavor of all fall flavors and commands the most attention throughout cooler months. Pumpkin spice is widely used in recipes of all kinds from breads and cakes, to lattes and creamers, to candy and ice cream. Each season, the pumpkin spice [enter food or beverage here] is all the rage and for quite good reason—it tastes amazing.

We know your favorite foods come in a pumpkin spice version this time each year, but what’s the fun in going to the store and buying it when, quite frankly, you can make those treats yourself. This autumn, add some spice to your recipes with Nature’s Flavors’ line of pumpkin spice flavors to make all of your pumpkin spice cookie making, bread baking, coffee flavoring dreams come true.



You just know great flavor when you taste it and maple is no exception. Found in everything from pecan pies, to sweet potato casseroles, to hot beverages, and more, the taste of maple is one that truly warms our hearts.

And do you know what else warms our hearts? Homemade maple pancakes hot off the grill, fluffy Belgian waffles, and custardy French toast made with Nature’s Flavors’ maple flavors.

This fall, make sure you have an ample supply of Nature’s Flavors’ maple extracts, emulsions, powders, and concentrates on-hand for decadent Sunday fall brunches and lazy afternoons of baking and carving jack-o’-lanterns.

delicious maple syrup made in vermont and canada great over almost any food including the world famous pancakes, waffles and also lots of baked goods.


Let’s face it: apple spice not only has an unbelievable flavor, but it has and even better aroma.

Widely used in recipes like homemade apple pies and muffins, steamy hot bowls of oatmeal, and even warm spiced ciders, this is one taste we can’t get enough of.

Nothing beats the flavor of freshly picked apples with hints of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and allspice.

And, with Nature’s Flavors’ line of apple spice flavors, your fall recipes will be nothing short of apples and spice and everything nice.      



Quite simply, fall wouldn’t what it is without the small—but mighty–cranberry. 

Thanksgiving tables would be naked without it. 

Leftover turkey sandwiches would be boring and dry.

 Those oatmeal cranberry muffins your aunt Carol makes would just be plain old oatmeal muffins. 

And while many of us thought growing up that cranberries naturally grew in a cylindrical metal tubes, turns to find out they didn’t.

 As you begin to plan your end-of-the-year menus, make sure that Nature’s Flavors’ cranberry flavors are on your list.     


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